Anyone can sing opera.

Eight Lessons.

One Concert.

July 9 - August 5

Toronto | 2018


A Month of Opera

The OFA Choir


Mondays & Thursdays

Alliance Française Toronto

5:30 - 7:30 pm

24 Spadina Rd.

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Lesson to Concert

After four weeks of learning opera, you will perform your new repertoire with the OFA Choir at Jane Mallett theatre.

You'll attend two rehearsals each week, but a bold opera performance will take some practice outside of class as well. That's why we provide recordings for each section, as well as diction tracks and lyric sheets.

All you need is a desire to sing.

I was hesitant to participate as I thought I wasn’t prepared enough but was encouraged by other choir members. It was wonderful to be part of such a great experience.
— OFA 2017 Chorister Survey

World-Class Conductor

Over eight lessons, you will learn a selection of six popular opera choruses under the guidance of award-winning Spanish opera singer and conductor Álvaro Lozano Gutiérrez.

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At my age, I take new experiences one at a time. This was very satisfying, as I had not sung in a choir since my college days. Incidentally I am 90. Thank you all so much for a challenging new experience l looked forward to each Monday.
— OFA 2017 Chorister Survey

Unique Structure

Whether you're a seasoned chorister or a total beginner, prepare for a musical adventure.

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Ready to Sing?


Program Tuition: $199

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